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Fill out a registration form

Fill out a registration form

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Fill out a registration form

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LuxeTalk™ is an exclusive digital community of individuals who are excited to share their opinion about luxury and high-end products, brands and services.
Members of LuxeTalk™ are invited to take part in market research (i.e., online surveys, and sometimes one-on-one interviews and group discussions), on various topics of interest to premium brands.
We work with clients in numerous categories, such as, luxury goods, hospitality and travel, entertainment, financial, insurance, publishing, premium spirits, retail, and e-commerce.

LuxeTalk™ is managed by Agility Research & Strategy, a full service research and consulting company with a core focus on the affluent & luxury consumer, and AFFLUENTIAL™, the world’s first global online consumer intelligence portal for affluent consumers across categories.

Our research features on global media:


We are members of CASRO and ESOMAR and adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by these industry organizations for the conduct of market research. Our industry standards are governed by:


Everyone has opinions about the products, brands, and experiences that are part of our lives.

What we offer at LuxeTalk is an opportunity for you to be able to share those opinions with people who will actually listen carefully to everything you have to say, and reward you for your time.

You get a chance to shape products as they are being developed, impact advertising and marketing campaigns, and affect corporate decisions on brands and products that you encounter in your everyday life.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • It is super easy:
      1. You fill out a short registration form here. https://luxetalk.net/index.php/register
      2. You receive an email from us with a link directing you to our members-only area to fill out your profile.
      3. You have earned your first Luxe points for filling out your profile and on your way to participate in existing research and earning more rewards.

    • Besides being able to participate in research and share your views on numerous interesting topics, we will reward you for every survey or research project that you participate in. The reward will depend on the amount of effort required from you to take part in the research. We will state an estimate of the time needed for each research engagement, as well as the amount and type incentive, in the invitation email.

    • A typical survey length is 10 to 20 minutes. We will tell you the estimated time it will take to complete each survey in the invitation letter.

    • The profiling information we collect will help us determine which topics are appropriate for you. This will help us only send you invitations on behalf of brands that you are likely to be the right target consumer for and that are of interest to you.

    • Absolutely not! We will not sell your contact information to anyone. All communications you will receive are strictly for the purpose of participating in marketing research, or other communications directly from us.

    • We report all survey results in aggregate and never disclose individual information to third parties without getting your prior consent. We take protecting your privacy very seriously. Please contact us if you feel that your privacy may have been in any way jeopardized. Please also review our privacy policy.

    • Yes, you can! Please log in with your credentials and you will find a link for inviting friends to join.

    • Log in to the members area and click on My Profile.

    • Have you checked your spam folder? Sometimes invitations can be caught in a spam filter. It is best to add admin@LuxeTalk.net to your safe sender list. It could also be that there have not been any projects recently that have matched your profile.

    • Luxe Points are special rewards you earn from updating your profile and referring friends, and can be redeemed for incentives such as gift cards.
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