Privacy Policy

Date created: 24 Dec 2015

Last revised:

We value your inputs and follow a clear policy on how to guard your privacy:

  • We promise to protect your privacy and treat the information you give us as confidential.
  • The information you provide will be used only for research purposes.
  • We will not release your personal information to any third party without your consent.
  • We will never try to sell you anything and we will never sell your personal data to anyone. That is not our business.

We are not telemarketers or direct marketers. We are market researchers interested only in your opinions and behaviour.

  • Your decisions about participating in a study, responding to specific questions, or discontinuing participation will be respected

As part of participating in surveys or other research projects you may be presented, shown or asked to test new products, concepts or ideas that are not yet in the market or are otherwise sensitive. For this reason you are not allowed to take screenshots or in other ways copy any of the research materials presented to you, nor can you disseminate any information about the products, concepts or ideas discussed to third parties.

When our firm conducts online research, our invitations and questionnaires clearly explain the purpose(s) of our contact.

When we contact you, we generally do so for one of the following purposes:

  • To invite you to participate in survey research, one-on-one discussion, or focus group discussion;
  • To conduct a survey research interview with you;
  • To validate answers you gave in a recent survey we conducted;
  • To update and to ensure that our records of your personal information are correct.

Occasionally, we may contact you for one of these other purposes:

  • To notify you if you have won a prize draw that we sponsored (if a relevant incentive);
  • To ask for your permission to use your personal information for a purpose that was not explained to you when we first collected your personal information.

When you participate in our research, we may ask you for your personal opinions, as well as demographic information, such as your age and household composition. Some of this information will be part of a profile we keep for all of our community members for the purposes of targeting research invitations to the members who are most likely to be interested in the topic and qualify for the research. You may refuse to answer certain questions or discontinue participation in a study at any time.

If you join our research community, you may rescind your membership at any time.

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